The Truth About Sensitive Skin, Time To Free Your Skin + Mind! 

Sensitive skin often experiences itching, burning sensation, and unsightly redness. People with sensitive skin may suffer from rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema. Individuals with this skin type can react to ingredients in their skin care products or sudden changes in climate or even stress levels. Yikes!

When treating sensitive skin, the key is to simplify. You will often have to eliminate products rather than add more. Caring for sensitive skin means removing common irritants and being diligent about the ingredients that goes into your jar of daily cream.

That being said, it’s time to free your skin + mind with freeplus.

Why freeplus?

Free is the word!

We’re free from harmful ingredients lik Paraben, fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and our products are dermatologically tested for your skin’s safety

Plus is the next magic!

freeplus uses the power of natural herbs over synthetic alternatives. We select active natural ingredients to ensure that our skincare is gentle to your delicate skin, so you are 100% happy and free from worries.

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